FESSH 2018 Congress

Working for the Future

13-16 June 2018
Copenhagen, Denmark


Welcome to the happiest country in the world!

Denmark has developed into one of the strongest clusters in life sciences in Europe, and Copenhagen especially enjoys a central location in the heart of a major knowledge hub with a dense cluster of universities, hospitals and companies within the fields of biotech, medtech and pharma with 165,000 students and 16,000 scientists and researchers.

This city is also among the world’s most popular congress destinations, due to its easy accessibility, high levels of efficiency, low crime rate and successful organisation of sustainable events in the record high number of eco-certified hotels and venues within the city. As such, Copenhagen is also known as one of the most environmentally friendly cities in the world.

We are convinced that all of these achievements and facilities combined offer a unique platform for holding the FESSH congress, and also all the required facilities for organizing the European Examination in Hand Surgery.

The local organizing committee wishes to improve the standard of hand surgery throughout Europe by offering the perfect framework for the XXIII FESSH congress. As such, we will offer the ideal facilities to carry out the work of the Scientific Committee and of the Chairman of the Instructional Course.

We intend to make this congress highly attractive to our younger colleagues, fellows and residents. For this reason, the slogan of the congress is Working for the Future.

Instructional course:
Fractures of the Hand and Carpus

Besides the classical topics of hand surgery, we will focus on:
Tissue Engineering, Robotic Surgery, Infection, Pain, Rehabilitation and Occupational Disorders.

Our highest priority for the congress is the scientific content, but we also consider our city - Wonderful Copenhagen - to be a perfect choice for social activities and will do our utmost to make this congress an unforgettable event for the FESSH members.

Michel Boeckstyns
president of the congress

An application has been made to the EACCME® for CME accreditation of this event.


The following governmental institutions, carriers, federations, societies and agencies currently actively endorse the placement, successful organisation and completion of FESSH 2018 in Copenhagen.



Organizing Committee

President: Michel E. H. Boeckstyns
Vice-president: Lars S. Vadstrup

Anders Ditlev F. Jensen
Bo Munk
Camilla Ryge
Claus Möger
Niels Søe-Nielsen
Pernille Leicht
Robert Gvozdenovic
Torben Bæk Hansen

Scientific Committee

Chairman: Frederic Schuind (Belgium)
Co-chairman: Torben Bæk Hansen (Denmark)

Jörg Bahm (Germany and Belgium)
Philippe Cuénod (Switzerland)
Helle Puggaard (Denmark)
Igor Golubev (Russia)
Luzian Haug (Switzerland)
Konstantinos N. Malizos (Greece)
David Shewring (United Kingdom)
Laurent Obert (France)

Instructional Course

Chairman: Martin Richter
Topic: Fractures of the Hand and Carpus


Tivoli Congress Center

The venue for the XXIII FESSH congress is Tivoli Congress Center, located just 9 km from Copenhagen Airport in the heart of the city across the street from the harbour and around the corner from the Central Station and the city's main shopping areas, sights and attractions. The renowned Danish architect Kim Utzon was responsible for the design, which is typically Scandinavian in its style: simple, functional and minimalistic with lots of daylight and high ceilings. The colourful and fairytale-like interior is inspired by Copenhagen's biggest tourist attraction: the historic Tivoli Gardens.

Check meeting rooms

Tivoli Congress Hall
Meeting rooms

There are currently around 20,500 hotel rooms in Copenhagen spanning from luxurious five- star hotels to the budget-friendly contemporary designed rooms of Europe's largest city hostel. The vast majority of these hotels are within walking distance from Tivoli Congress Center, but if you want to optimize your working hours, the 4-star Tivoli Hotel with 679 rooms is an integrated part of the center.


Wonderful Copenhagen

With a population of 1.9 million, Copenhagen is the largest city in Scandinavia. Though smaller than many other Northern European cities, the Danish capital has proven itself more than able to organise successful large- scale events in innovative and appealing settings. The city is a pulsating metropolitan where fashion and tradition go hand in hand with a safe, efficient, yet exciting environment that offers modern meeting facilities and endless accommodation options.

With Denmark as one of the oldest monarchies and Copenhagen as one of the greatest design capitals in the world, the city also offer a wide variety of beautiful cultural experiences, unique shopping opportunities and stunning architecture within its compact city centre.

City offers

The City Council invites you and your colleagues to a complimentary welcome reception at Copenhagen City Hall with beverages and the legendary City Hall Pancakes.



Copenhagen has one of the world’s most efficient infrastructures with multiple bus lines, the Metro, a train network and harbour busses, making it quick, easy and safe to get around. Copenhagen Airport is Scandinavia’s main traffic hub with non-stop flights from around 140 destinations. The airport is located only 13 minutes away from the city centre by Metro or train; which is the fastest transfer time from airport to city centre among the major European cities.